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Private Paella Parties
Serving Santa Barbara and beyond...


Paella Package Options* Saturdays only Full Service is available and  we require a 40 person minimum for local areas and 50 for areas outside of our region if reasonably close. Sun-Fri. we require a 25 person minimum locally and 35 for areas outside our region. Please note there are some areas we do no longer cover due to distance. ** We do not make headcount exceptions. Packages are fixed and cannot be altered. *PLEASE FILL OUT INQUIRY FORM ON FIRST PAGE FOR PRICING 

Paella Only Package or Full Service Package

  • (A) 25-35 Guests 1 Paella 

  • (B) 36-50 Guests 2 Paella Types

  • (C) 51+ 3 Guests Paella Types

  • Sliced Baguette

*NOT Available on Saturdays

  • (A) 25-35 Guests 1 Paella 

  • (B) 36-50 Guests 2 Paella Types

  • (C) 51+ Guests  3 Paella Types

  • 4 appetizer - Stationary or passed depending on group size

  • 1 Salad & Bread - Regardless of Group Size

  • Server for headcount that requires passed apps

A Paella Mixt  and a Vegan Paella for a Celebration of Life event in Hope Ranch
A delicous Full Leg Jamon Serrano carving station
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